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Valuing domain names, especially within a niche such as generic drugs, is a blend of art and science. To get a fair value for each of these domains, we use an independent 3rd party tool. is the most respected service to value domain names.

You can check the value of any domain name on here:

When using a tool like Estibot, several factors are considered:

  • Keyword Relevance: Domains with keywords directly tied to popular search queries can be more valuable.
  • Traffic for the keyword
  • Length and Readability: Shorter, memorable domains are generally more desirable.
  • Domain Age: Older domains can be perceived as more trustworthy or authoritative.
  • TLD (Top-Level Domain): Domains ending in .com are usually valued higher than other TLDs.
  • Comparable Sales: Similar domain names and their sale prices provide a reference point.
  • Monetization Potential: If a domain name has potential for significant revenue generation, its value rises.
  • Brandability: Domain names that can be turned into brand names have added value.
  • Legal Considerations: Avoid domains that might infringe on trademarks or have other legal concerns.

Buying a domain is very easy.

We use as a third party so you can acquire the domain names with peace of mind.

DAN.COM (previously known as Undeveloped) is a platform that specializes in domain buying, selling, and management. The platform aims to make the domain trading process more transparent, efficient, and secure. Here’s an overview of how DAN.COM operates:

  1. Domain Listing: Domain owners can list their domain names for sale on the platform. While listing, sellers can set a fixed price, enable negotiation, or choose to run an auction.
  2. Searching and Buying: Buyers can search for available domain names. If they find a domain they are interested in, they can either buy it directly at the listed price or make an offer. If the domain has a “Make an Offer” option, the buyer and seller can negotiate the price.
  3. One of DAN.COM’s primary features is its secure transaction system. When a buyer agrees to purchase a domain, they send the payment to DAN.COM, which holds the funds in escrow. This ensures the seller won’t receive the funds until the domain transfer is complete, offering protection to both parties.
  4. After payment, DAN.COM facilitates the transfer of the domain from the seller to the buyer. The exact method can vary depending on the domain’s current registrar and the buyer’s preferred registrar. There are mainly two methods:
    • Internal Transfer: If both buyer and seller use the same domain registrar, the domain is pushed internally to the buyer’s account.
    • External Transfer: If the buyer and seller use different registrars, a transfer code (also known as EPP code or auth code) is provided to initiate the domain transfer.
  5. Payment Release: Once the domain transfer is confirmed and the buyer has control of the domain, DAN.COM releases the payment to the seller, minus any fees.
  6. Lease-to-Own: DAN.COM also provides a Lease-to-Own option. This allows potential buyers to pay for a domain in installments. If they choose the Lease-to-Own option, they eventually get full ownership of the domain after completing the payments.
  7. Fees: DAN.COM charges a fee for its services. The exact percentage might vary based on the sale amount or any other promotional offers they might have at the time.
  8. Customer Support and Dispute Resolution: They offer customer support for any issues related to transactions, transfers, or other services. If disputes arise between buyers and sellers, DAN.COM provides mediation to help resolve the issue.

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Yes. You can buy the full portfolio.

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